How to make your dog feel your love?

We thought we would share some of the ways we show our dogs that we appreciate them. Here’s a list of a couple fun loving ideas that you can do to make your furry friend feel appreciated:


  1. Go for an extra-long walk- if the weather is nice and your furry friend is an outdoor lover, take them on a longer walk for additive exploration and adventure! If there’s a nearby dog friendly hiking trail, go enjoy the scenic route.
  2. Take a trip to your local pet store- if your doggo loves retail therapy, take them to the pet store and let them pick out a toy, or some treats!
  3. Make a playdate with your dog’s bestie- if there’s another pet your dog loves spending time with, reach out to the owner and try to schedule a supervised playdate!
  4. Try a new game- think outside the box and stray away from that usual game of fetch you always play together with your dog. Try out another stimulating activity that will entertain your dog. One of our favorites is “Cup Trivia”, in which you start with three cups and hide one toy, or treat, underneath one of the cups. You then shuffle the cups around and let your dog find the toy, or treat, that’s hidden under one of the cups. To make it trickier and lengthier, keep adding more cups!
  5. Give them an ice cream sundae- one of our favorite goodies is a Frosty Paws ice cream (you can buy them at Publix or Walmart) with a favorite cookie/treat underneath, topped with whipped cream and cheese for sprinkles! Your dog will definitely taste the love! (Please be advised if your dog has allergies; always read a product’s ingredients before serving.)
  6. Take a daytrip to your dog’s fav hangout spot- whether it’s the dog park or the dog beach, get them out of the house and into the car! Car rides are half of the fun!
  7. Did we mention car rides?!
  8. Movies and cuddles- pick out a dog friendly movie (our current fav is “The Secret Life of Pets”), or your dog’s fav movie, and curl up on the couch together for some cuddles, and bonding time.


There are many ways to show your love.

There’s sooo many ways you can show your dog, or pet, that you appreciate them from the bottom of your heart. We know life can get busy but, we highly recommend spending the first fifteen minutes when you get home from your day with your fur baby. The emotional stimulation you give them by just rubbing their belly, and telling them about your day, fills them with unconditional love. Happy “Pet Appreciation Week”!

  • Nov 04, 2019
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