To Do List When Your Cat’s Nails Split



Cat’s nails split, it’s natural.

If your cat’s nails split while you were trimming them, take a deep breath in – there’s good news. Chances are really high that there isn’t anything to be worried about at all.

Of course, as with anything, there are a few situations where nail splitting isn’t a good thing, but in the vast majority of cases, the fact that a cat’s nail split, even if this happened while you were actively trimming his or her nails, is perfectly okay and perfectly natural.

I’ll get into why that’s the case, as well as when there may be an issue in this article, but as always, if you suspect something may be wrong, do take a moment to consult with your vet.


When trimming, cat nails split.


Basically, imagine your cat’s nails are a bit like a snake skin. We all know that snakes shed their skin, a really cool process which helps them get rid of an old, used up outer layer of skin to reveal a shiny, new layer of snake skin beneath. As time goes on, the new skin becomes old, and that’s then shed to reveal another new layer of skin beneath it. Think of cat nails in a similar way.


Regrow nails.

To keep their claws sharp, cats shed the old, outer layer of nails that are used up and dulled down over time with use. The old, outer layers come off in two – one on each side of the nail, and these halves each look a lot like little crescent moons. Beneath those little crescent moons, which are the old, used up outer layer of nail, is a brand new, sharp nail beneath it. In time, this new sharp nail will become used up, old, and be replaced by another new inner layer. Pretty cool, huh?


Prepare a cat scratch board for your furry baby.

Most of the time, when you see a cat nail split when trimming your cat’s nails, what you’re seeing split is just this old, outer layer that’s nearly ready to come off and be replaced by the new inner layer anyway.


If you can confirm visually that’s what you’re seeing, and that there’s a clean, healthy looking brand new layer of nail underneath, chances are the nail splitting while you’re trimming is completely a-okay, and in little to no time, the outer layer will be ready to fall off, which it likely will do while your cat’s scratching on a post over the next few days.


Hate seeing a nail split when you’re trimming your cats nails even though you know it’s natural and perfectly fine, maybe because it’s stressful watching these nails chip off and you’re worried when you do that you may have cut uncleanly or too far? You can help increase the odds that the outer layers will fall off on their own well before you trim your cats nails by increasing the number of scratch-able surfaces you have in your house. Cats tend to remember to scratch when they see scratch-able things, like scratch posts. The more these things surround them, the more likely they are to scratch, and thus the higher the chances the outer layer of your cat’s nail that’s used up and ready to fall off will split and hit the floor well before you get to the point where you’re trimming your cat’s nails.


A Cat scratcher is good for cat’s health.

Cats scratch for a lot of reasons – many which help cats stay healthy and healthy. One of the biggest reasons is to help them get rid of their nails’ outer shells when they’re ready to fall off, so the more you can do to help your cat scratch, the more you’re actually helping your cat do an activity that’s stress reducing and mentally stimulating for them – keeping them happy and healthy. Again, to encourage them to scratch, all you have to do is increase the number of scratch-able surfaces around them, so they’ll see them and be reminded to scratch them up. This means adding more things like cat trees, scratch posts, scratch mats, and if you can’t stand the look of any of these cat-things, scratch approved alternatives for cats like human rugs & animal furs.

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  • Nov 07, 2019
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