The story behind Pawsmeme all started in Canada. Yuri and Crystal were best friends in university. Yuri adopted a black cat, and Crystal is a mom of two dachshund puppies. Yuri is the artsy type of gal. She loves cooking and decorating her home. Crystal is the outgoing type. She always had the eagle eye on business. They lived in the same building called Lee centre in a city called Scarborough which is right beside Toronto, Canada.

After a few years, Crystal decided to find her roots in China. With her eagle eye, she quickly found China has the power to bring a idea to a tangible product in a shockingly short of time. A shop just for pets. There it was. A dream of Yuri and Crystal of all time. Yuri designs, and Crystal sells. Scarborough trading limited was registered in 2020. We then trademarked the brand Pawsmeme. We designed our own products like anti-bacteria ceramic water fountain, cushioned e-collar and many more fun stuff! Hopefully we are lucky enough to bring much more high quality, edgy designer pet accessories to you in the future!


Scarborough Trading Limited

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